IPv6 - real vs theoretical problems

Jack Bates jbates at brightok.net
Tue Jan 11 13:15:58 CST 2011

On 1/11/2011 1:05 PM, George Bonser wrote:
> Many of us are looking at things from today's
> perspective.  Maybe each room of my house will have its own subnet with
> a low power access point and I can find which room something is in by
> the IP address it has.

Today, there are several vendors who believe the wireless part of their 
cpe should be a different subnet than the ethernet. There are multiple 
cases of stacked routers in homes, which requires multiple DHCPv6-PD 
delegations, and the current philosophy is very wasteful (as DHCPv6 
itself doesn't support variable sized requests, chained requesting, and 
other options which would make it efficient for a requesting router 3 
routers away from the initial DHCPv6 server).


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