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Tue Jan 11 09:18:29 CST 2011

On Jan 11, 2011 at 8:14AM, John Curran wrote:

>   It's perfectly understandable, and doesn't distract from your main
>   point that the circumstances (ARIN effectively mandating MAIL-FROM
>   for authentication) is patently unacceptable and shouldn't require any
>   more effort than pointing such out in email.  I did not perceive the
>   situation initially, and hence sent Jeff Wheeler off to said suggestion
>   form.  As noted, we're now looking into how to fix the IRR authentication
>   situation and will report back asap.

As you are checking out authentication, can you also check out the notify fields as well.  I was informed in July 2010 that neither mnt-nfy nor notify fields were operational.  I submitted suggestion 2011.2 requesting these be activated.


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