Is Cisco equpiment de facto for you?

Brandon Kim at
Mon Jan 10 20:24:56 CST 2011

Thank you for this. I find him very honest and humble. Although he didn't mention Cisco, should I assume that
he's probably thinking about Cisco without saying it?

For anyone that has watched this, he has mentioned going from dual star topology to an MPLS.

Perhaps one can educate me a little on how that is better off-list? It is an intresting topology.

Do you guys run MPLS internally as your main topology? I was a little confused on that part....

> Date: Tue, 11 Jan 2011 01:17:39 +0000
> From: lorddoskias at
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> Subject: Re: Is Cisco equpiment de facto for you?
> Watch this video, now, I know that it is essentially advertisement from 
> brocade but the guy from ams-ix says something very interesting - "For 
> us it is important to have a board-level relationship with the vendor, 
> no matter who it is". So in the end this might be a factor in deciding 
> which equipment to buy - whether your company will be able to have a 
> higher-level relationship with your vendor so that you can expect 
> appropriate treatment in case of emergency. With bigger company this 
> would be harder, though I think the position "account manager" is 
> essential this, whereas with smaller companies it is easier to build 
> such a relationship

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