How are you aggregating WAN customers these days?

Jerry Bonner JBonner at
Mon Jan 10 11:17:30 CST 2011

If you have a large amount of ppp/mlppp channelized T3's as most people then I would recommend dumping these into an Adtran TA5000 chassis with multiservice ct3 cards and dumping them to ethernet. Then to an ASR or whatever your vlan agg box is. The cost per t3 port should be significantly cheaper than comparable cisco/juniper router ct3 ports. Last I checked the TA5K doesn't have double tag stacking or HDLC support, but that may or may not be an issue for some.


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I'm looking to put some feelers out there and see what people are
doing to aggregate WAN customers (T1,T3, etc...) these days. What
platforms/devices are you using? What seems to be working/not working?
Any insights would be great!


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