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Sat Jan 8 18:50:01 CST 2011

> Date: Sun, 09 Jan 2011 06:25:33 +0900
> From: Randy Bush <randy at>
> Cc: nanog at
> Subject: Re: AltDB?
> > Let me see if I've got this right -- you think ARIN should change their
> > policies, but _you_ are not willing to put in any personal effort to make
> > it happen, right?
> i not put in personal effort?  you're kidding or really new here, right?

I used future tense, not past. 

Taking your prior language at face value, which you elided, it appears that
you have no intent of any future participation in ARIN processes.

Your subsequently revaealed story regarding your thwarted attempt at a
_requested_ run for a BoT seat, provides some understanding for a 'why'
for that attitude.

I'll simply note that _if_ you do cease future particioation in =their=
process, you _have_ 'let the bastards win'.

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