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> I don't think and RPKI have anything to do with each
> other. I think the direction the RPKI should/is taking is to have the

I at least think that whatever future and time-table is planned for
RPKI, this should not stand in the way of ARIN offering an effective
authentication mechanism for the ARIN IRR.  FYI, the reply I received
from ARIN was that there are no plans to improve its authentication
capability.  I didn't ask why and don't really care why it has never
had anything more than MAIL-FROM in the past.  Either it should be
improved (IMO) or it shouldn't be.

I really do wonder what ARIN's plan is if a bad guy decides to forge
emails and delete or modify some or all of the objects.  Would they
just shut it down, improve authentication, or keep doing business as
usual?  I am always surprised that black hat folks do not do things
like this when faced with a damaging vulnerability that can easily be
exploited with no way to trace the activity back to the bad guy.

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