arin and ops fora (was Re: AltDB?)

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Jan 8 15:35:19 CST 2011

> I suspect part of the issue is that ARIN is a monopoly provider of a
> variety public services that folks unrelated (directly) to ARIN must
> make use of. In other areas of public service provision, there are
> things like public utilities commissions that (in theory) ensure the
> monopoly service provider acts in the public benefit when services are
> added/changed/deleted.  My impression is that the various WGs and SIGs
> in the other RIRs perform something similar to that function.  There
> doesn't appear to be anything similar in the ARIN region.

having worked closely with a number of other RIRs, sad to say that a lot
still goes on under the table [0].  hence my cspan analogy, shed some
light in the corners.  the community should be transparent before
wikileaks gets to us. :)



[0] - an old sardonic comment of mine on ripe is that it is a bottom up
      organization, and daniel and rob are at the bottom.  and wear
      thick rubber/leather gloves when entering apnic.

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