Randy Bush randy at
Sat Jan 8 03:17:55 CST 2011

>> the price of changing what ARIN does is, at a minimum: participation.
> aha!  there we go.  the old ietf attitude.  you come to the mountain.
> well, i'll tell you what i told the ietf.  the high and mighty mountain
> can bite my ass.

let me be a bit more clear on this

  o you affect the operational community, you talk with (not to) the
    operational community where the operational community talks

  o i have given a lot of blood to arin, far more than it deserved.  so
    do not tell me i need to give more.

  o eighteen months or so ago, a gang of big arin folk guilt-tripped me
    into running for the board (which i founded back in '96-'97).  i did
    the nomcom form and all that, AND WAS SILENTLY NOT ALLOWED ON THE
    BALLOT.  never given notice or reason.  so take your high and mighty
    open participation crap and shove it where the sun don't shine.  but
    i sure was relieved, to tell the truth.  my mental and physical
    health just don't need the arin vigilante high and mighty crap on a
    daily basis.


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