arin and ops fora (was: AltDB? RPKI, the universe, and ...)

Randy Bush randy at
Sat Jan 8 02:17:17 CST 2011

>> one difference in north america from the other 'regions' is that there
>> is a strong and very separate operator community and forum. 
> Right.  However, it seems to me that this strong separation has led to
> exactly the problem you raised. The issue, as far as I can tell, is
> that there are functions and services performed by ARIN that can
> impact the operational community yet even within the existing ARIN
> structures, there is no obvious (to me at least) mechanism by which
> the operational community can voice their concerns/provide input/etc.
> on these services and functions (excluding address allocation/policy
> of course).

i will admit to some carry-over from the ietf's old high and mighty
attitude, "we're open, if you want to talk about it, come to our turf."
i am happy to say that this has been changing in recent years.


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