NIST IPv6 document

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Thu Jan 6 06:34:33 CST 2011

Owen DeLong <owen at> writes:

> Personally, I think /64 works just fine.

I continue to believe that the "allocate the /64, configure the /127
as a workaround for the router vendors' unevolved designs" approach,
which Igor and I discovered we were in violent agreement on when on a
panel a few NANOGs ago, is the right one.

With only between 2^34 and 2^35 neocortical neurons in the average
human brain (*), perhaps we ought to be engineering for conserving
human brain cells rather than IPv6 addresses.  That means encoding
metadata in the IPv6 address in an easily visible fashion (such as pop
aggregation on nybble boundaries) and having a scheme where all
subnets are the same size (and just happen to hold an arbitrary number
of hosts).


(*) a figure that is as irrelevant to the current conversation as
Roland's grandstanding about rejecting arguments about the vastness of
the IPv6 space out of hand).

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