NIST IPv6 document

Phil Regnauld regnauld at
Thu Jan 6 04:41:17 CST 2011

Owen DeLong (owen) writes:
> But, Jeff, if the router has a bunch of /24s attached to it and you scan
> them all, the problem is much larger than 250 arp entries.
> I think that's what Phil was getting at.
	And so did Joel.  If you've got a crapload of VLANs attached to a box,
	and you're routing these for customers (say, virtual firewall instances),
	you'll see this easily.

	I do understand the argument that sweeping a /64 will mean more L3->L2
	lookups for directly connected subnets than in v4, but the problem domain
	remains the same, and I think it's been already explained here that there
	are various strategies to mitigate this.
	Additionnally I believe the size of typical recommended IPv6 space will
	probably discourage idle scanning, though this may change as the resources
	available increase, as Joe G. pointed out.  If it does not, we'll have to
	address it if the existing mitigation techniques aren't sufficient.


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