David Conrad drc at
Thu Jan 6 00:21:03 CST 2011

On Jan 5, 2011, at 12:32 PM, Randy Bush wrote:
> i have a rumor that arin is delaying and possibly not doing rpki that
> seems to have been announced on the ppml list (to which i do not
> subscribe).  

I heard about the delay, but not about ARIN possibly not doing RPKI. That would be ... surprising.  While I have always had some questions regarding the political (not technical) feasibility of actually deploying secure routing based on the top-down hierarchical model assumed by RPKI, it seems obvious to me that there needs to be a better way to authenticate allocation data other than querying a whois server.  RPKI will (would have?) provided this and the actual deployment of RPKI would allow the ops community to gain experience with the technology.

> as it has impact on routing, not address policy, across
> north america and, in fact the globe, one would think it would be
> announced and discussed a bit more openly and widely.

The definition of what comes under the "public policy mailing list" umbrella has always been a bit confusing to me.  Too bad something like the APNIC SIGs and RIPE Working Groups don't really exist in the ARIN region.


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