Clearwire/Clear for branch office connectivity?

david raistrick drais at
Wed Jan 5 17:58:21 CST 2011

On Wed, 5 Jan 2011, tico wrote:

>> Is anyone using Clearwire/Clear's wireless broadband offering for
> Me too! I'd love to hear from anyone that's used it extensively.

I haven't in a few years (I worked for someone who thought of themselves 
as a clearwire competitor), but we replaced a bunch of them that customers 
had, we installed a few of them with our own stickers on them, and we 
always kept one in the truck for those times we couldn't hit our own 
networks but we could hit theirs...

the gear was generally solid - as long as you could get a good signal.

inside datacenters, basements, and telco huts, though, were not places 
that good signal was often available....

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