Announcing the Community FlowSpec trial

John Kristoff jtk at
Wed Jan 5 17:46:36 CST 2011

Friends and colleagues,

At NANOG 48 I talked about a community flow-spec service we were
looking at trying to make work.  This is the idea of using IETF RFC
5575 to pass around flow-based rules, in this case, primarily for
dropping unwanted packets.

This technology is not as widely deployed as traditional RTBH
techniques for a number of reasons.  However, we thought perhaps it
was widely used enough, or could be, to justify what might be a
helpful and free 3rd party feed of flow-spec routes to keep our
networks a little bit cleaner.

A trial of this feed based on the traditional bogon routes can be had
by contacting me directly.  We realize the traditional IPv4 reserved,
special and unallocated IPv4 bogon address is dwindling.  Maybe there
is room for some other type of feed, but to justify that, we're looking
to see if even enough people would set up this presumably simpler feed
to help us and the community get some more experience with multi-hop

Details in getting it up and running in your own test networks are here:



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