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Wed Jan 5 06:20:48 CST 2011

The original poster is looking for software that can be hosted locally, which Crashplan is not as far as I can tell. I am also looking for something that can be hosted locally. The only one we have been able to find is Vembu StoreGrid. Our experience with Vembu has ranged from abysmal to horrific. I would highly recommend *not* looking at them.

I had not heard of the Commvault solution. We'll have to look into that.

I also be grateful for any other options that people are using.


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> I highly recommend looking at Crashplan Pro. We use it for some of our
> customers and it works great, and the pricing is very reasonable.
> On Jan 4, 2011, at 9:02 PM, Richard Zheng wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > We are looking at providing backup services for our customers. It
> > should
> > have software running on our servers with SAN attached to it and
> > client
> > software running on windows or mac. Anyone knows some good vendors?
> >
> > Thanks!
> > Richard

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