Experiences with Comcast Ethernet

Brent Jones brent at servuhome.net
Tue Jan 4 19:24:34 CST 2011

On Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 1:05 PM, Dylan Ebner <dylan.ebner at crlmed.com> wrote:
> My company has about 2 dozen Comcast business cable accounts at satellite offices around the Midwest. We are looking at adding an additional ISP to the mix and we are thinking of purchasing an Ethernet circuit from Comcast in an attempt to increase performance on those connections by keeping all the traffic within Comcast's network.  Comcast, of course, has assured us this will result in "noticeable" speed increases for those accounts. I am more weary. Does anyone have any experience with Comcast's ethernet offerings? How reliable are they? Do Comcast cable connections see a significant performance improvement?
> Dylan Ebner, Network Engineer

We have a segment on Comcast Ethernet. We use it for other purposes,
just point to point for our needs, but it has been relatively stable.
However, we ordered 1Gbit, and we do use a full 1Gbit, for the first
few months performance was nowhere near 1Gbit until they upgraded some
equipment internally, but speeds have been stable, and reliability

Note, Comcast Ethernet runs on their fiber network, which sometimes
uses aerial lines, I've heard of others having some disconnects when
poles get hit and stuff.

Brent Jones
brent at servuhome.net

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