Experiences with Comcast Ethernet

David Hubbard dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Tue Jan 4 15:10:27 CST 2011

With the way their peering is these days, that probably
would result in a huge improvement; we have complaints
all over the northeast from comcast users who are getting
poor connectivity to websites we host as a result of the
overloaded Comcast->Level3 links and nothing we can do
about it even though we both share a non-Level3 provider
since Comcast wants the traffic to head out the bad


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> My company has about 2 dozen Comcast business cable accounts 
> at satellite offices around the Midwest. We are looking at 
> adding an additional ISP to the mix and we are thinking of 
> purchasing an Ethernet circuit from Comcast in an attempt to 
> increase performance on those connections by keeping all the 
> traffic within Comcast's network.  Comcast, of course, has 
> assured us this will result in "noticeable" speed increases 
> for those accounts. I am more weary. Does anyone have any 
> experience with Comcast's ethernet offerings? How reliable 
> are they? Do Comcast cable connections see a significant 
> performance improvement?
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