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I have been wondering what type of Software do top telcos use.  The tracking of Customer circuits to ensure that from marketing,sales,accounts and technical department everything to do with the circuits has to be tracked.  Anyone with any help in regards to top software that can be used to run such a telco to ensure that world class service is obtained will be crucial.

For a while I was at one that originally had 750K phone lines (now around 500K) and about 100K DSL subs in addition to the leased-line and other types of customers.  In the NOC, many different vendor's EMSs reported into Netcool.  For example, Fujitsu's Netsmart watched and managed the fiber plant and sent any alarms up to Netcool.  When the NOCites saw the red tomato on the big board, they'd go into Netsmart and do the detail work before sending it up to Tier 2 folks.  There were many different systems that did the above, including SAM for the Alcatel 7x50 routers.

On the other side of the house: PeopleSoft CRM.  But if not designed correctly from the start it can become a real mess.  Same for Netcool.  Don't piecemeal them.  Do the design *then* do the implementation.  Some CxO-type managers like to try to do those things in parallel to 'synergize' efforts and save money.  They don't really understand why the engineering part takes so long.

Finally, GOOD LUCK with a telco in today's environment...

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Say in other words, top telco's equipment vendors have their own sw team or third-party suppliers. Equipment vendors are Alcatel, Lucent (ex-AT&T), Ericsson, Nokia, etc. You can see at those companies' web site to check.

Alcatel and Lucent are one and the same since a few years ago.


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