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Takashi Tome takashi at
Tue Jan 4 05:34:53 CST 2011

Hi Jacob,

Generally, top telcos use software made by top telco's software vendors... of course  :-)

Say in other words, top telco's equipment vendors have their own sw team or third-party suppliers. Equipment vendors are Alcatel, Lucent (ex-AT&T), Ericsson, Nokia, etc. You can see at those companies' web site to check.

Which kind of software:
- system and service management;
- CRM;
- switching, IMS, etc;
- billing;
and so on.

Hope it works.

Takashi Tome
takashi at 

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I have been wondering what type of Software do top telcos use.

The tracking of Customer circuits to ensure that from marketing,sales,accounts and technical department everything to do with the circuits has to be tracked.

Anyone with any help in regards to top software that can be used to run such a telco to ensure that world class service is obtained will be crucial.



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