sudden low spam levels?

Randy McAnally rsm at
Mon Jan 3 12:09:59 CST 2011

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Subject: sudden low spam levels?

> I have two independent mailservers, and two other customers that run 
> their own servers, all largely unrelated infrastructures and target 
> domains, suddenly experiencing low levels of spam.
> Total emails/day dropping from some 175,000-250,000ish to 50-75,
> 000ish (legit mail in the 2-5,000 per day, yes I have some high 
> spam:legit customers...). 3 days in a row now at least, at quick glance.
> Did someone set up them the bomb?

We filter spam for over 2000 domains and I don't see any noticeable drop in
payload.  I have noticed that over the past few months greylisting has become
MUCH more effective than it used to be... looks like spam delivery is moving
more from snowshoe infrastructure towards botnets.

Randy M.

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