The tale of a single MAC

Graham Wooden graham at
Sun Jan 2 07:22:33 CST 2011

Hey Seth, thanks for the reply.

I don't use the iLO port, so I didn't look at it's MAC within the BIOS,
however my issue isn't that the MACs are the same within a physical machine.

They're different, just like all the other HP gear ... It's that I have two
machines that the MACs are identical.  Like Server-A's NIC1 matches
Server-B's NIC1 ... And the same goes for NIC2.  Heck, maybe even their iLO
matches too.  I just re-read my post and I can see where maybe I didn't
explain it properly. Yesterday was a long day ...

I guess it's not that big of deal now, I resolved it rather quickly by
putting Server-B on another VLAN.

On 1/2/11 12:56 AM, "Seth Mattinen" <sethm at> wrote:

> On 1/1/11 7:33 PM, Graham Wooden wrote:
>> So ­ here is the interesting part... Both servers are HP Proliant DL380 G4s,
>> and both of their NIC1 and NIC2 MACs addresses are exactly the same.  Not
>> spoofd and the OS drivers are not mucking with them ... They¹re burned-in ­
>> I triple checked them in their respective BIOS screen.  I acquired these two
>> machines at different times and both were from the grey market.  The ³What
>> the ...² is sitting fresh in my mind ...  How can this be?
>> In the last 15 years of being in IT, I have never encountered a ³burned-in²
>> duplicated MACs across two physically different machines.  What are the
>> odds, that HP would dup¹d them and that both would eventually end up at my
>> shop?  Or maybe this type of thing isn¹t big of deal... ?
> None of the HP servers I have contain duplicate MAC addresses. (I just
> looked through all the iLO2 cards to make sure I wasn't lying.) I'll
> send you some details offlist.
> ~Seth

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