What vexes VoIP users?

Joe Greco jgreco at ns.sol.net
Mon Feb 28 16:19:59 CST 2011

> They are in the US.
> Comcast tallies 8.6 million household telephone service accounts, making 
> it the United States' third-largest telephone provider. As of February 
> 16, 2011 Comcast has 8.610 million voice customers.
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comcast#Home_telephone
> > People are not, en-masse, going away from POTS and towards plugging a VoIP device into the back of their router.

Twenty bucks says the first poster is correct; I'm willing to bet that
most of the Comcast "VoIP" customers are handed off as RJ11 into legacy
POTS lines in the target residence.

In fact, I've had trouble finding any way to get our cable company to 
hand off their telephony service digitally, making the claims of "digital
phone service" a little laughable as they still hand it off analog.

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