ARIN and IPv6 Requests

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Thu Feb 10 16:15:53 CST 2011

From the NRPM:

6.11. IPv6 Multiple Discrete Networks

Organizations with multiple discrete IPv6 networks desiring to request new or additional address space under a single Organization ID must meet the following criteria:
The organization shall be a single entity and not a consortium of smaller independent entities.
The organization must have compelling criteria for creating discrete networks. Examples of a discrete network might include:
Regulatory restrictions for data transmission,
Geographic distance and diversity between networks,
Autonomous multihomed discrete networks.
The organization must keep detailed records on how it has allocated space to each location, including the date of each allocation.
The organization should notify ARIN at the time of the request their desire to apply this policy to their account.
Requests for additional space:
Organization must specify on the application which discreet network(s) the request applies to
Each network will be judged against the existing utilization criteria specified in 6.5.2 as if it were a separate organization, rather than collectively as would be done for requests outside of this policy

If that doesn't meet your need, please contact me off list with more information.


On Feb 10, 2011, at 12:18 PM, Jason Iannone wrote:

> It also looks like there isn't a policy for orgs with multiple
> multihomed sites to get a /48 per site.  Is there an exception policy
> somewhere?
> On Thu, Feb 10, 2011 at 12:50 PM,  <ADWebb at> wrote:
>> Initial. Documenting IPv4 usage is in the request template.
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>> We requested our initial allocation without any such questions. Is this
>> your initial or additional?
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>> Why does ARIN require detailed usage of IPv4 space when requesting IPv6
>> space? Seems completely irrelevant to me.
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