Top webhosters offering v6 too?

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On 02/06/2011 02:15 PM, Mark Andrews wrote:
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>  Richards writes:
>> I ran across this link a while back, it shows, of the top 100k
>> websites (according to Alexa), which ones are IPv6 enabled:
>> rue
> And 1.5% of AAAA lookups, in the Alexa top 1000000, fail as the SOA
> is in the wrong section or the wrong SOA is returned or timeout or
> return NXDOMAIN when A returns a answer.  GLB vendors have a lot
> to answer for as almost all of these errors involve a GLB being
> installed.  Either their products are broken or their documentation
> is so poor that people can't configure their boxes properly.

Given that v6 is probably an afterthought for these vendors, I'm
guessing the documentation is at fault. I know the docs for some of the
brands I've worked with were bad enough for tier-1 features. Bah.

I'm in the process of putting together a fully software based system to
do GLB. Presenting on it in a couple of weeks in the Los Angeles area.
Hit me off list for details. It seems fairly straightforward to put the
system together. Spent this weekend doing the research and architecture
design for it.

I'll send the slide link to the list after I give the talk. Maybe I'll
present it in person at one of the upcoming NANOG meetings if I can get
my employer to sponsor travel. :)

Unfortunately it will be all v4. I have v6 turned up via (as I
alluded to a while back), but it's not at the same level as v4 is. I'm
currently going through the learning process with v6. However that's an
incredibly high priority for me, and I hope to be at parity with v4 by
end of Q1.

I'll probably do a separate "ipv6 for datacenter/application operators"
presentation at some point in Q2. I know there will be one at SCALE this
year, by one of our frequent v6 posters. :)

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