Top webhosters offering v6 too?

Mark Andrews marka at
Sun Feb 6 16:15:21 CST 2011

In message <AANLkTiksv84+tSm80AjyXg-XZDfX3NGJz1FJM0KQ64Hp at>, Fred
 Richards writes:
> I ran across this link a while back, it shows, of the top 100k
> websites (according to Alexa), which ones are IPv6 enabled:
> rue

And 1.5% of AAAA lookups, in the Alexa top 1000000, fail as the SOA
is in the wrong section or the wrong SOA is returned or timeout or
return NXDOMAIN when A returns a answer.  GLB vendors have a lot
to answer for as almost all of these errors involve a GLB being
installed.  Either their products are broken or their documentation
is so poor that people can't configure their boxes properly.

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