netflow analysis for jitter and packet loss?

Joe Loiacono jloiacon at
Wed Feb 2 09:35:59 CST 2011

If you're considering actual 'netflow' data, I'm not really sure it will 
help with your requirements. The smallest unit is the 'flow' which could 
include many UDP packets and has only *flow* start and end times.

Cisco's IP SLA might help. See:


Shacolby Jackson <shacolby at>
nanog at
02/01/2011 07:21 PM
netflow analysis for jitter and packet loss?

What tools are people most happy with? Specifically I'm hoping to mirror a
port and later see if I can detect any inbound jitter or possibly even out
of order udp datagrams. At first glance it doesn't look like ntop or 
can provide that level of detail. Any suggestions?


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