next-best-transport! down with ethernet!

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> Well hopefully we won't need to worry about the speed of light anymore
> Just recently I heard about the experiments with "quantum nonlocality" 
> no one seem to understand how it happens but for me it's enough it works
> Basically when 2 photons or electrons are emitted form the same source -they are somehow bound/entangled together -that means if we change the spin on one photon to "up" the other photon will have it's spin changed to "down" immediately
> -and it doesn't matter whether the photons are next to each other or light years away -this happens instantly (no energy is transferred yet the information is passed)
> -this was already tested between two cities
> Imagine that instead of sfp connectors and dark fiber between San Fran and NY node we'd install a connectors with let's say 1500k entangled photons 
> -and if we set the spin in a way to send a 1500kbit packet to NY the NY node would see it instantly -no cables needed
> -also there some attempts to actually send the information 50 micro sec back in time
> Of course there are still these issues with probabilities at quantum level

I *strongy* recommend that anyone pursuing this subject read Dr. Asimov's
essays on resublimated thiotimoline.

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