next-best-transport! down with ethernet!

Jared Mauch jared at
Fri Dec 30 15:18:50 UTC 2011

On Dec 30, 2011, at 6:01 AM, Tei wrote:

> I am not dumb,  I know turning webpages into applications make
> webpages to fragile. But I am scared of javascripts. Javascript is
> just too dawmn usefull now, browsers too broken (mostly IE), and
> Javascript is like a superhero that fix all.   The web is going to
> change in a few years, from a "request" "reply" interchange network,
> to something more like a computer "bus".    I don't know how the
> "wires" will react to this.

I think the challenge here is going to be the unintended interactions
of the subsystems involved.  Take a look at the buffer bloat research
and activities.

I think getting a better symmetric speed ratio to the edge will help
solve this problem.  Just because you have 22:5 capability at home,
or 50:10 (5:1) doesn't mean it will be used that way, but being closer
to 2:1 will likely cause some significant improvements in performance.

The internet as the transport over the top of the physical {fiber,copper,coax}
is going to continue to grow.  The folks at NTT just announced their
60th 10G across the pacific.  With the continued growth here and 100G
out there, handling the traffic will certainly become interesting.  I
think the dark buffers are going to be the biggest challenge we see.

(I'm hoping for some good snow storms in the midwest/north east/NoVA
area to put some good stresses on the network for a week or so this
winter that can be measured/observed).

- Jared

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