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> Article by John Cramer says:
> At the AQRTP Workshop we considered the question of whether quantum
> nonlocality was a possible medium for FTL communication. In the
> context of standard quantum mechanics there is good reason for
> believing that it is not. Eberhard has proved a theorem demonstrating
> that the outcomes of separated measurements of the same quantum
> system, correlated by nonlocality though they are, cannot be used for
> FTL observer-to-observer communication. A possible loophole in
> Eberhard's theorem could arise if, following the work of Nobel
> Laureate Steven Weinberg, one modifies conventional quantum mechanics
> by introducing a small non-linear element into the standard QM
> formalism. It has been shown that in slightly non-linear quantum
> mechanics, the observable nonlinear effects that would arise would
> make possible FTL communication through nonlocality.

Wasn't this covered in an RFC I read, dated 1 April 2030?

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