IPv6 RA vs DHCPv6 - The chosen one?

Masataka Ohta mohta at necom830.hpcl.titech.ac.jp
Fri Dec 23 20:52:47 UTC 2011

Michael Sinatra wrote:

> The only time you need to perform extra steps is when you want to run
> DHCPv6.  You need to enable the M and/or O flags and turn off the
> 'autonomous' flag (if you don't want a host to get both SLAAC addresses
> and DHCPv6 addresses.

That's a configuration of RA, not DHCPv6.

> Then you need to turn on relaying unless you are
> putting the DHCPv6 server on the same wire.

As I wrote:

> Just as most, if not all, NAT boxes have preconfigured DHCPv4
> service to offer part of preconfigured private address
> space, home IPv6 routers may have preconfigured DHCPv6
> service to offer part of configured public address space.

local DHCPv6 server should be running locally by default.

						Masataka Ohta

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