Well Lookie Here, Barracuda Networks tries to get me to fall into their trap again...

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> I guess the networking equivalent is --- you stop paying for your OC3
> with $BIG_TELCO for a few months, and you get it turned off, but for
> some reason the physical cabling isn't physically removed. A few months
> later, you decide you need an OC3 again and exclaim the unfairness of
> $BIG_TELCO informing you that a fee is required to re-install the OC3
> they haven't removed yet.

> How unfair right... many thousands of $$ just to flip a switch? One
> chose to go without service for a few months, therefore should get a
> lower total cost, based on the new renewal date, right?

Well, I strongly suspect that's a bad analogy: the thing they'd be collecting
for would be *the three months of unpaid bills on the circuit*.  Possibly plus
a deposit to make sure you don't screw them again.  But they might well not
charge you a new installation charge; I don't know that there's an industry
standard practice there, nor that we'd know about if it there was (people
who do that aren't much talking about it).

And, finally, I suspect that on a circuit the size of an OC-3, you'd be lucky
to get to be 30 days late on the payment; "a few" is generally between 3 and 5.

But in fact, while you'd be on the hook for the "few months" they let it run
while you weren't paying, you would almost certainly *not* owe them for the
"few months" after they shut it off, since they weren't providing you the
service then.

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