Speed Test Results

Paul Stewart paul at paulstewart.org
Fri Dec 23 13:07:58 UTC 2011

In my opinion they are only "somewhat reliable" if they are on your network
or very close to your network -we operate one of the speedtest.net sites and
for our own eyeball traffic find it to be a "reasonable indicator" of what
kind of speeds the customer is getting.

To put it a different way, if a customer is getting 20X1 Internet service
and the speedtest shows 17 X 0.8 then case closed - if they are getting a
speedtest result of 5 X 0.5 then our helpdesk will take a further look -
this is really in rough terms...


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Am having a debate on the results of speed tests sites.

Am interested in knowing the thoughts of different individuals in regards to


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