Help with quagga BGP config for ipv6 route-server

David Waitzman djw at
Thu Dec 22 20:13:41 UTC 2011

My IPv4 and IPv6 BGP connections now get prefixes.
My thanks to those who answered on and off the list.

My revised config is like:
router bgp MYAS
 no bgp enforce-first-as
 no bgp default ipv4-unicast

 network MYIPv4NET route-map SetAttr
 neighbor PEERIPv6 remote-as RSAS

 neighbor PEERIPv4 remote-as RSAS
 neighbor PEERIPv4 activate
 neighbor PEERIPv4 next-hop-self
 neighbor PEERIPv4 send-community
 !neighbor PEERIPv4 soft-reconfiguration inbound

address-family ipv6
 network MYIPv6NET route-map SetAttr
 neighbor PEERIPv6 activate
 neighbor PEERIPv6 send-community
 neighbor PEERIPv6 soft-reconfiguration inbound

route-map SetAttr permit 10
 set community RSAS:RSAS


I had to move the V6 remote-as line up before the address-family ipv6 block.
I appear to have needed the "exit-address-family".
Having "bgp router-id MYIP4INTERFACE" causes problems.  I am not sure yet if not having it is going to cause other problems.

David Waitzman

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