BGPmon regex

Andree Toonk andree+nanog at
Wed Dec 21 18:03:03 UTC 2011

Hi Christopher,

.-- My secret spy satellite informs me that at 11-12-21 9:06 AM 
Christopher J. Pilkington wrote:
> I'm trying to edit my prefixes' AS path regex in BGPmon, and when I add a
> '\s' in the Regular expression field, upon save, the '\' is stripped.
> Is this expected behavior?
> The workaround is to insert a '\\s' instead, but one needs to remember to
> do this on every edit, and I tend to forget which results in panicking the
> others on our team with false positives.

I believe this should be fixed now, please try again.
Contact me directly (andree at if the problem persists or if 
you have any other questions.

Alternatively, as a replacement for \s you can also just use a white space
for example: (6327|13768|852) 271$


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