IPv6 RA vs DHCPv6 - The chosen one?

Don Gould don at bowenvale.co.nz
Wed Dec 21 02:44:36 UTC 2011

On 20/12/2011 8:31 p.m., Owen DeLong wrote:

> Ideally, the IETF should provide complete solutions based on DHCPv6 and
> on RA and let the operators decide what they want to use in their environments.


I would like to see a simple presentation of the different ways of 
setting up a small network at the edge with the features, benefits and 
issues, of each method.

My interest is in networks with 2 to 20 devices in them.  ie, small 
business and home.

I would also like to see a survey of how people are setting up their 
small networks.  While some are interested in the purest way of setting 
them up, I'm not.  I'm interested in how people are setting them up. 
When setting up networks for customers, I'm interested in doing it in 
the most common way.

What I don't want is to end up with a bad name because I set up stuff 
'the right way' but in such a way that the next tech the customer calls 
gets annoyed that what I've done is so complex that it will cost the 
customer $$$$$ to fix a fault.

I'm sure these comments have been made by others in the past, I'm just 
adding a voice.


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