IPV6 issue

Mark Andrews marka at isc.org
Tue Dec 20 20:22:47 UTC 2011

In message <4EF09908.3050701 at netwolves.com>, Steve Clark writes:
> Hello,
> I have a SIXXS ipv6 tunnel that terminates in Ashburn, Va.
> I have two HE ipv6 tunnels, one terminates in Dallas the other
> terminate in Ashburn. I can ping each endpoint of the tunnels that terminate
> in Ashburn, but I can't ping between the SIXXS and HE with the HE termination
>  in Dallas.
> Using Looking Glass at HE I can traceroute to my SIXXS tunnel from Chicago bu
> t
> not from Dallas.
> Any ideas on how to get this fixed.
> This problem only started occurring within the last week or so.
> Thanks for your indulgence,
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noc at he.net have always been good when I've had strange issues.

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