BGP noob needs monitoring advice

Dave Pooser dave.nanog at
Tue Dec 20 18:52:58 UTC 2011

Earlier this year I got a /24 of PA space, set up our shiny new router,
got BGP working with both my upstreams, and heaved a sigh of relief: "I'll
never have to think about THAT again!" (Okay, quit laughing; I SAID I was
a noob!)

Now, I discover that one of my upstreams quit announcing our route in
November (fortunately the provider who assigned us the /24, so we're still
covered in their /18) and the other upstream apparently started filtering
our announcements last week. I'm working with both of them to get that
fixed, but it's made it clear to me that I need to be monitoring this.

My question for the group is, how? I can and do monitor my own router, and
I can see that I'm receiving full routes from both ISPs. I am capable of
manually accessing route servers and looking glass servers to check if
they're receiving routes to me, but I'd like something more automated.
Free is nice, $$ is not a problem, $$$$ might become a problem.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Dave Pooser
Manager of Information Services
Alford Media

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