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Tue Dec 20 14:36:17 UTC 2011

Cacti uses MySQL, but I'm not sure if plain rrdtool does.  
There is support for custom programming, so might be worth checking out.


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Cacti is a very useful graphing tool  We have used it to graph anything we
can grab via snmp.

Hope that helps.
Jeremy Bowen

>Hi everybody,

>can anybody recomend a piece of software, that could "graph" a live network
scanning it via snmp.
>requirements are:
>1. must produce a text output suitable for postproduction. graphviz is an
ideal, xml - acceptable.
>2. must use no external database i.e. have text config file. clean text
console, suitable to run as a cronjob.
>3. must be able to work in heterogenous environment. 

>thanks a lot in advance

>With best regards,
	Gregory Edigarov

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