Microsoft JMRP (Mail) Admin Needed

Richard Laager rlaager at
Tue Dec 20 06:53:35 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-12-19 at 20:41 -0800, Michael J Wise wrote:
> On Dec 19, 2011, at 6:10 PM, Richard Laager wrote:
> > I'm trying to sign up for Microsoft's Junk Mail Reporting Program.
> > Multiple representatives keep sending me more-or-less form responses
> > saying they can't add my dynamic …
> Stop right there.
> Are the IP addresses you are sending mail from Dynamic?
> Do you *own* those addresses?

We're an ISP. Let me use an example (with private IPs):

We have from ARIN. Of that, is for our servers,
and the rest is used for dynamic pools for residential customers. So
we've listed the following ranges in the PBL:

I want to enroll in Microsoft's JMRP. They give me a canned
answer about being "on a spam list".

> Mail should never be coming from Dynamic IP addresses.

That's why I've listed my dynamic ranges in the PBL!

So yes, nobody *should* be sending mail from these ranges. But if a
customer sends spam from one of those ranges anyway, I still want to
know about it, so I can notify them to cleanup their infected computer
(and disconnect them if necessary).

Also, there are a handful of individual IP exceptions to the PBL
listings for specific customers with static addresses who are running
their own mail servers. Because of that, and the fact that subnets get
reassigned from time to time, it'd be best if Microsoft would accept the
supernet listing from me, as it'd be one less thing to have to worry
about updating every time we make an IP assignment change.

<rant>I'm not sure why it's necessary to have all these individual
"feedback loop" processes anyway. Why can't everyone just send spam
reports to the Abuse handles on the relevant WHOIS record?</rant>


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