Microsoft JMRP (Mail) Admin Needed

Michael J Wise mjwise at
Tue Dec 20 04:41:20 UTC 2011

On Dec 19, 2011, at 6:10 PM, Richard Laager wrote:

> I'm trying to sign up for Microsoft's Junk Mail Reporting Program.
> Multiple representatives keep sending me more-or-less form responses
> saying they can't add my dynamic …

Stop right there.
Are the IP addresses you are sending mail from Dynamic?
Do you *own* those addresses?

Why are they, "Dynamic"?
Mail should never be coming from Dynamic IP addresses.

> … customer IP ranges because they're
> "included in...[a] third party block list". The list in question is the
> SpamHaus PBL.
> They clearly don't understand …

They clearly *DO* understand.
They know exactly what the PBL is.

> that the SpamHaus PBL (unlike other
> SpamHaus lists) is not a list of IPs that have sent spam. I'm looking
> for someone with a clue that can help me.

You need to understand why they are not interested in your traffic as you currently describe your ability to send it.

> P.S. Even ignoring the PBL, this policy of not enrolling IP ranges that
> are listed on DNSBLs doesn't make a lot of sense to me. Even if the IPs
> had been sending spam, wouldn't Microsoft want the ISP's help in
> stopping that?

They *HAVE* stopped it. :) Already.

"Please have your Internet License             
 and Usenet Registration handy..."

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