Wireless/Free Space Enterprise ISP in Palo Alto

Joel jaeggli joelja at bogus.com
Sat Dec 17 18:45:27 UTC 2011

I haven't done wireless in downtown palo alto, only metro-e however.

Given your proximity to 345 hamilton (under 1000 feet most likely) I
would think at&t would be in a position to offer fairly high-rate dsl,

On 12/16/11 10:24 , Darren Bolding wrote:
> Apologies if this is not the most appropriate forum for this, but I am not
> aware of a better list to use.
> I recently took over responsibility for the network connectivity at an
> office in downtown Palo Alto (University and Emerson).  Unfortunately, and
> perhaps ironically, the connectivity options here are not as great as I
> would like- currently they are using DSL, there is no cable service, and
> lead times for T1's and above are higher than I would like.
> I have already started the process of getting fiber from the city of Palo
> Alto between the office and Equinix/S&D/PAIX/529 Bryant, which will resolve
> the problem.  However, the city's time estimate is longer than we need, and
> experience implies there may be delays.
> So- I am investigating wireless/free space ISP's in downtown Palo Alto, and
> also possible options for doing a point-to-point wireless connection
> between our office and 529 Bryant (I am reaching out to Equinix on this).
> Any pointers to known good providers, or other suggestions would be very
> welcome- off list is fine.  I am already reaching out to a telecom broker,
> but wanted to reach out for suggestions.
> To clarify- I am trying to get either a) rapidly turned up IP transit or b)
> rapidly turned up point-to-point (presumably wireless) between 529
> Bryant/PAIX and the office (University and Emerson).
> Thanks very much!
> --D

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