IP Management Software

Phil Regnauld regnauld at nsrc.org
Fri Dec 16 16:14:34 UTC 2011

Shahab Vahabzadeh (sh.vahabzadeh) writes:
> Hi everybody,
> Can anybody share his/her experience with IP Management software's? Which I
> can use it managing near 100K IP Address?
> IPPlan is not good enough, I think its covering all my need and not fully
> flexible.
> If you have discuss this before here please share me the link.

	Hi Shahab,

	Look at the archives for NANOG - there are plenty of solutions.

	You might want to look at:
	- Netdot: https://osl.uoregon.edu/redmine/projects/netdot
	- TIPP: http://tipp.tobez.org/


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