Overall Netflix bandwidth usage numbers on a network?

Don Bowman don at sandvine.com
Fri Dec 16 15:59:13 UTC 2011

From: Blake Hudson [mailto:blake at ispn.net]


> Yeah, that's an interesting one. We currently utilize netflow for this,

> but you also need to consider that netflix streaming is just port 80

> www traffic. Because netflix uses CDNs, its difficult to pin down the

> traffic to specific hosts in the CDN and say that this traffic was

> netflix, while this traffic was the latest windows update (remember

> this is often a shared hosting platform). We've done our own testing

> and have come to a good solution which uses a combination of nbar,

> packet marking, and netflow to come to a conclusion. On a ~160Mbps

> link, netflix peaks out between 30-50Mbps around 8-10PM each evening.

> The rest of the traffic is predominantly other forms of HTTP traffic

> (including other video streaming services).

We (Sandvine) also have a product that does this measurement in the

IP network, per CDN, per device type (e.g. how much Netflix on xbox

is on Akamai vs Limelight). In addition it measures the delivered

quality per CDN.

Anyone can feel free to contact me off list for more information.

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