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> Regarding this thread in general, I asked a question about slow start and
> got a good answer about immediate need. Thanks !

Note that the "slow-start" is not based on size (as far as I can
remember) but on timeframe.

That is, if you have a bunch of ARIN blocks you can request a "12
month supply" based on past usage and best predictions.

However, if your company has NO IPv4 space and you make your first
request you get limited to 3 months worth of address space, 2nd
request you get 6 months, and then 12 months with your 3rd and more
requests.  That's the slow-start.  The feeling is that with no track
record your predictions are, on average, less likely to be accurate.

It's also my understanding that if you use all of the space you can
immediately ask for more.

Hypothetically, let's say ARIN gives a company with 34M subscribers
a /18.  Let's say said company can drop it in a DHCP server, and
have 100% utilization in oh, a week.  At the end of that week the
company could submit documentation of 100% utilization to ARIN and
get a second block, lather, since, repeat.

It's part of the general "chinese buffet" model of ARIN, "Take all you
want, but eat all you take."  They want to see the eating part.

So no, they won't hand you a /8 up front as a new entrant, but if you
really can deploy (and document it) that fast you could get a /8's worth
of space in a couple of months time.

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