De-bogon not possible via arin policy.

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In a message written on Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 01:54:28PM -0800, Joel jaeggli wrote:
> We know rather alot about the original posters' business, it has ~34
> million wireless subscribers in north america. I think it's safe to
> assume that adequate docuementation could be provided.

As I suspect there are a few confused people here, the OP did not
post that information.  Google shows Cameron Byrne works at T-Moble
USA, per his LinkedIn, and I believe Joel is citing that T-Moble
has ~34 Million subscribers, which seems to match some recent info.
It appears to me folks are _assuming_ his request to ARIN was for
T-Moble, and covered all 34 Million users.

Of course that still doesn't mean 34 million IP addresses are
required.  T-Moble sells phones today that can't do anything IP
as an example), and even for the phones that can do IP not all of
them are connected at once.

I will repeat myself though, we don't know what was submitted to
ARIN, or why they responded the way they did.  Having the OP come
whine to NANOG without us having that information is useless.  ARIN's
PPML list might be more helpful, or some AC members.  Heck, even
picking up the phone and talking to ARIN might work better.

To bring this back on topic for NANOG though, they need to get it
sorted quickly.  ARIN shows an equivilent of 5.63 /8's in inventory
right now.  If 34 million addresses are needed, and can be used to
80% effiency that would require ~2.5 /8's worth of space.  It would only
take a couple of these sorts of requests and the free pool is gone.

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