De-bogon not possible via arin policy.

Stephen Sprunk stephen at
Thu Dec 15 22:24:52 UTC 2011

On 15-Dec-11 15:54, Joel jaeggli wrote:
> On 12/15/11 13:43 , Leo Bicknell wrote:
>> In a message written on Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 01:36:32PM -0800, David Conrad wrote:
>>> ARIN's job (well, beyond the world travel, publishing comic books, handing out raffle prizes, etc.) is to allocate and register addresses according to community-defined documented policies. I had thought new allocations are based on demonstrated need. The fact that addresses are in use would seem to suggest they're needed.
>> The problem is that "in use" means different things to differnet folks.
>> ifconfig em0 inet
>> I'm now using 16 million IP addresses at home.  ARIN policy does not allow me to get 16 million public IP addresses as a result, based on the 1 machine I have configured at the moment.
> We know rather alot about the original posters' business, it has ~34
> million wireless subscribers in north america.

For those that haven't bothered to look it up, folks appear to be
referring to T-Mobile--a Cameron Byrne works there, and they fit the
profile given.

> I think it's safe to assume that adequate docuementation could be provided.

One might assume it /could/ be provided, but so far we have no evidence
that it /has/ been provided or, if so, on what grounds ARIN rejected it
as being adequate.  Heck, so far we have no evidence that any request
has even been filed or that the OP is who we think he is.

All we have so far is the word of one person, using a Gmail address and
the name of a T-Mobile employee, that such addresses were applied for
and that ARIN denied the request.

I'll also point out that, even if some of the above claims turn out to
be true, T-Mobile almost certainly would have required ARIN to sign an
NDA (as is customary for any almost any business dealings these days),
so ARIN cannot defend itself against the ones that are not, leaving us
only with the OP's obviously biased version of events and the ensuing
speculation--and the OP probably knew that when he/she posted.

Furthermore, it is a fact that not all of T-Mobile's ~34M customers are
using IPv4-addressable devices, and they're certainly not all online at
the same time, so a simple customer count does /not/ qualify as
justification for getting that many addresses.


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