De-bogon not possible via arin policy.

David Conrad drc at
Thu Dec 15 16:16:12 UTC 2011


On Dec 14, 2011, at 11:14 PM, Jimmy Hess wrote:
> A RFC1918 network is not a "normal" network; and this is not a
> renumbering in the same manner as a renumbering from public IP space
> to new public IP space.

I'll admit I haven't been following ARIN policy making for some time.  Can you point to the ARIN policy that makes this distinction?

> In other words:   What is the technical justification that all those
> rfc1918  addressed hosts suddenly need to be moved  immediately,   and
> not over a normal allocation time frame for new public networks?

I used RFC 1918 space as an example.  A more likely scenario is needing to renumber out of recently allocated squat space (particularly in situations where RFC 1918 is not an alternative).

> That means the RIR has to establish that the criterion is good enough.
> "I have a rfc1918 /16 that I use,  so give me a public /16, please"
> is not good enough.
> That would essentially provide a backdoor around normal RIR justified
> need policy, if it were allowed......

Hmm.  If one makes the assumption that the (1918/squat) address space is being used in an efficient manner and there is a business/technical requirement to renumber that space into public space, I would have thought the acceptance of justification would depend more on the business/technical requirement, not the fact that 1918/squat space is being used.


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