Range using single-mode SFPs across multi-mode fiber

oliver rothschild orothschild at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 03:02:58 UTC 2011

Thanks to all who responded to my clumsy first question (both on
matters of etiquette and technology). The group I work with (we are a
small project acting as a last mile provider) was in the midst of
deploying this solution when I posed the question. We put the single
mode Juniper SFPs (LX) on to a run of approximately 1670 meters. We
successfully established a 1G ethernet connection. Testing to date has
been meager, but shows that the link is viable. Under significant load
there is some minor packet loss. Since the link far exceeds the amount
of data it required, we have decided to continue using it.
Interestingly neither interface showed any physical errors.

Oliver Rothschild
Network Engineer III

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