Time Warner Routing Issue

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Wed Dec 14 21:54:13 UTC 2011

Thank you everyone for your assistance.  Either having a tech spot my
post and make the change or me calling their bluff got them to fix it.

Brian Raaen
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On Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 3:46 PM, Brian Christopher Raaen
<mailing-lists at brianraaen.com> wrote:
> I have a Time Warner circuit that has been giving me issues and what their
> tech support has been telling me has not matched my previous experience
> with other backbones.  I have been trying to move the backbone on one site
> from a tier-3 provider to Time Warner.  Yesterday TW started advertising
> BGP for the ip blocks I have ( in /24's) before they had the
> circuit completed, so I had to make an emergency mid-day switch to move to
> Time Warner.  Then yesterday night they stopped announcing my blocks so my
> site went down again and would still be completely down if we had not added
> NAT to the /30 point-to-point link.  They said the reason was they didn't
> have an LOA (which they had gotten back in October) and the ip blocks were
> not in the Level3 Radb list.  I could still see announcement to some peers
> (Shaw Cable in Canada) in a few looking glasses and BGP routers.  However
> my network blocks were not showing for the larger US carriers like Qwest
> and AT&T.  One of their techs just called me back and said that Level3
> should be advertising it, but I still do not see the routes on the AT&T
> route server.  After noting that the tech said that it may take another day
> for BGP to "propagate" to other peers as they update their radb tables.  In
> my experience I've never seen anything where I had to wait for a route to
> propagate other than standard routing table updates which usually take less
> then an hour, and I'd really not expect this many problems between Tier1
> and Tier2 providers.  I need to know if this matches other's experience and
> wanting to know what other people were seeing with traceroutes and "show ip
> bgp".  The networks in question at the following 4 /24's
> the serial ip address is
> Thanks for your assistance.
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> Brian Raaen
> Zcorum
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