De-bogon not possible via arin policy.

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Wed Dec 14 21:29:17 UTC 2011

What do you mean by "de-bogon"?  Do you mean that your customers'
addresses are listed in various RBLs for previous misbehavior?  That
they are using addresses that were never properly allocated to them?
Something different?

You don't "own" IPv4 addresses; they are assigned or allocated to you
in response to demonstrated need.

ARIN takes into account your history of needing IP address space when
evaluating your request for more address space to be assigned or
allocated to you.  If you have not been back to ARIN for address space
recently (or ever, if these are legacy addresses), you may find
yourself subject to slow start just like a newly established entity.

It does not sound as if ARIN rejected you for an IPv4 allocation.
>From your statement below, it sounds as if ARIN approved you for a
/18, which is reasonable and in accordance with current policies.  If
you walked in to ARIN and asked them for 10 million IPv4 addresses
(which is on the order of 1/8 of the total that ARIN has on hand, for
everyone), it is unsurprising that they declined.

If you can clarify the problem, it's possible the community may be
able to offer assistance.


PS: I'm on the ARIN Advisory Council, which means that I help with
policy creation.  Neither I nor my 14 colleagues on the AC are
employees; staff won't discuss particular cases, etc.  So if you want
us to know something, you'll have to state it here or in private email
or something.

Cameron Byrne <cb.list6 at> writes:

> Fyi, I just was rejected from arin for an ipv4 allocation. I demonstrated I
> own ~100k ipv4 addresses today.
> My customers use over 10 million bogon / squat space ip addresses today,
> and I have good attested data on that.
> But all I can qualify for is a /18, and then in 3 months maybe a /17. This
> is called slow start ? For an established business?
> Just fyi, de-bogoning , or private rfc 1918 is not really an option even
> with strong and consistent demonstrate load.
> Any suggestions on how to navigate this policy ?

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